Information Sessions

Recruiting and promoting your company on McMaster campus is easy. Hire McMaster will take care of:

  • Promoting your company to students in relevant fields of study Registering students so you can keep track of who attends for recruiting purposes.
  • Working with you to find the best location on campus to host your event, for formal and informal events at whatever capacity you prefer
  • Provide catering through Hospitality Services
  • Connect our motivated and ambitious students to your company If off campus, helping in arranging and overseeing transportation to and from your event

We offer more than 100 networking events across all of our partners every year. Connect with us to connect with students.

Company Specific

Scheduling your company an Information Session is a great opportunity for your company recruiters to engage with students about what exactly your company is looking for in a co-op student, intern, or new graduate. Present information about your company, areas of expertise, and departments hiring, as well as corporate values and workplace culture. Following the presentation, typically the floor is opened up for one-on-one networking between your company recruiters and students in attendance. This is a great opportunity to learn directly how our students can fit in to your team.

Man standing as employees work on a computer.